Written by Otto Saayman
Uploaded by Otto Saayman
This project has been running for several years and is gaining momentum every day. The new system is easier to use and will be updated constantly.

The new MyDestination.co.za (www.mydestination.co.za) site was launched recently and the response has been great. Anyone can register and advertise their website or business on the site for free. The next few weeks will see IGotAfrica making a lot of improvements to the site and launching new features for our customers to use.

We have signed up as a publisher with the AdBrite network in order to diversify the adverts displayed on the site. This does not interfere with the current banner advertising solution and will help us get more exposure internationally.

You can join the MyDestination Facebook group to get more detailed updates and information. Sign up today and get all the benefits of the MyDestination.co.za web site for free!


MyDestination.co.za moves into Version 2.0
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