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What a great privilege it is to be computer literate!

Many people struggle with the concept of the internet. Now IGotAfrica makes it easy.

On a continent where not many things are taken for granted those who choose to venture online are most likely those who do have some luxuries in a place where you can find the poorest of the poor and the richest of the rich living side-by-side.

Living in Africa means being tough. To make your ideas work here means you can make them work anywhere. Africans embrace change, in fact, most Africans long for change like the dessert sands of the Sahara long for the days when they were at the bottom of a magnificent inland lake.

I Got Africa means the "civilized" people of earth must beware, for if you live in Africa and you have a great idea it is only a matter of time before it is baptized by the fire of the African sun and conquers the world. We erase the boundaries of geography, culture and politics to make the concepts born in Africa the reality of the virtual world.

Step inside and unlock your potential