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We offer web site hosting solutions to Small and Medium Businesses. Decide on which package will suit you best. Alternatively, Contact Us and our Sales Team will recommend a package that suits you best.
Get your own fully customizable web site today!

Within a matter of days your site can be ready to launch. Contact us right now, or send a message to us@igotafrica.com. We can help you from start to finish:

  • Registering your domain name e.g. igotafrica.com
  • Setting up your e-mail e.g. name@igotafrica.com
  • Designing your web site, logo or any other design work
  • Setting up your site and customizing it
  • Launching your site once it ready
  • Marketing your site on the internet
  • Optimizing and submitting your site to search engines

From as little as R 5 000.00 per site we can help you to get your site up and running within 5 working days! We have more than 10 years experience on the internet building and hosting web sites.

If you already have a site we can assist you to improve it, rebuild it and improve its performance in search engines.